. morning views: the morning light makes shadows of window sill objects on the kitchen blind. From left to right the first image is of the a light shadow this morning, the second shows the bottom of the glass vase that made the shadow, filled with nice shells me & Pheobe have collected at the beach & glass fish from Burano, Venice. As for the third picture, well....you know when you take down your christmas decorations & for weeks afterwards you keep finding tiny bits of tinsel, well this morning there was this long piece in the middle of the kitchen floor. A thin gold tinsel line, changing direction with the warm air from the heater....

. over the years, with kinder eggs, christmas crackers & various other small gift bearing items, me & Pheobe have gathered a fine collection of cheery colourful plastic things. I have some in the box frames & this one also has the toy fruit machine that my nana bought for me many, many years ago now.

. today I ventured out in the morning fog to meet my very good friend Alice & fellow misshapen lodge-r & pal, Tom for a dvd giving session, toast, cups of tea etc & good old natter. Getting into my car on the way there I notice I'd left my cap (flat of course - this is yorkshire !) on the dashboard & instead of just picking it up & moving it out of the way immediately, I notice how the fabric looks nice against the windscreen & the plastic dash. I guess some would think that very odd, but to me noticing these things brings me a great deal of pleasure.


. Isolde Davey says: Redinka (Isolde's daughter) spotted it. er, she learned about how to spot hearts in the snow, and watched that programme on the beeb about how food gets to supermarkets, with goggle eyed fascination. bit of a lazy day. played in the snow a bit....to which I replied: wonderful ! I am fascinated by all the things we learn when we aren't being 'taught' - seems to me they tend to be the most important things :. )

Anna Dolman took these really nice photographs of the harbour in Scarborough where she lives....I have always liked images that give a sense of place rather than description of it. Anna also had this to say about her morning routine in cold weather. This is seriously smile-inducing:
'had my pants on inside out all day. Oh dear. I put them on inside out after I had warmed them on the radiator this morning! You have to have nice, toasty-warm pants on in this weather!


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