. you know, it's really impossible to put into words the very basic pleasure of helping Pheobe with her homework....yesterday evening she's had to draw what she thought an angel looked like (she also has to write a job description for an angel !) & so, there we were on the living room floor surrounded by pens, pencils & a rubber, trying different ideas until Pheobe drew one she was happy with....we decided that today, as well as Japanese Teriyaki chicken & rice for tea, we would have to have a nose drawing workshop !....Next to the settee is a book case & on the top shelf, just in front of my prized set of Toru Takemitsu box sets from Japan, is a little collection of objects that Pheobe sometimes uses when shes drawing....pencil sharpeners, rubbers in the shape of hippo's & ducks & various pens & pencils in a white vase that I made at the pottery course we went to last year....this small collection of objects makes me smile, remembering all the times Pheobe has reached up to get something from it....and looking forward to the next time & the next & the next & the next & on & on & on & on....

. the fitting of the new front door has resulted in a rather pleasing shift around of a bit of furniture that despite it's seemingly small size has been hiding a certain sense of space in the living room that feels much, much bigger now....also, a bookstop was needed for the row of nice art books above the cd player & amp....just the thing ! the fantastic, bright orange portable 1970's record player that we bought when me & Pheobe took a late holiday to France the other year....we found it in a small village second hand shop, guess how much ?....5 euro's ! & it works too.
. another view I see every day & makes me smile....on top of the bathroom cabinet there is a collection of objects....bath bombs & swirly soap from Pheobe, a wooden shark on a stick (?) that I made when I was at school, an old ermintrude figure & a box of Japanese soaps from my friends Derek & Isobel....I also got this shower cap from a hotel room somewhere & for some reason I just like it, sat there as it is on the chest of drawers in it's plastic wrapper....

. moving books around....ah....I see the books I bought from ebay in a job lot....japanese photo books with titles / artists names etc that I can't read....one is book of photographs of hundreds of different leaves, very nice....I think I got 10 or so books for £10 - great !

. Pip Kidman's photo's of her wearing this smile-inducing dress, a rather pleasant bit of chalk graffiti (lets all graffiti with chalk, it just washes away in the rain) & the hippopoppimus she made with her art group. Pip says: 'I'm glad you like the Magical Boat Ride dress..has inspired me to wear it again actually (JrF: well, I feel quite lucky to inspire a nice person to put on a happy dress sometime - it's rather a nice thing to happen). The hippo was a project done with my art group ..there was a trail of them in the local town produced in varying designs by other organisations/groups, etc and an eventual auction for charity at the end. (Think ours raised about £2,500 which was good and also nice to think it's residing in a garden somewhere in Norfolk now!). Think they're planning on penquins for the next one :-) (slightly less body mass to decorate there!?)'


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