. the 1st of each month brings a simple pleasure; turning the page on the calendar me & Pheobe made. It has a different picture of Pheobe on each page, taken on one of our holidays or days out during the previous year or so....february is a picture of Pheobe smiling down at me from one of the big rock formations at Brimham, North Yorkshire....apart from that moment, as I write this I think I should find a picture showing more of the rocks for those who haven't been. This involves looking through the photographs from that short holiday, prompting more memories, smiles & warmth....above are three pictures featuring Pheobe, me & Brimham rocks....the forth is a grape tree ! whenever we are having a picnic & a grape falls on the floor or is found to be less than perfect we find a plant stem or branch & turn it into a grape tree....we think of some small person walking past & finding it or of a bird or insect coming across it....beautiful memories, beautiful life....Thank you Pheobe

. each morning, when I sit down on my settee, I see this view & I guess I've seen it hundreds of thousands of times in my life so far....I appreciate it, the way the blue, grey or white clouded sky looks against the tiles, chimney pots & white painted woodwork....the beading on my front room window creates frames & I sometimes look at each one in turn....it's like a small gallery, changing subtly at each moment....

. I have this book (published in the 1940's I think) called 'great thoughts birthday book'. It has a different quote for each day of the year....I've started to send the quotes in messages to my friends via facebook on thier birthday....so if anyone reading this would like a quote for thier birthday or indeed the birthday of a loved one or friend do get in touch & i'll send you it....why not eh ?


Christine White said…
hey jez,

I would love a quote as my birthday is this saturday (nz time) february 6th is my birthday :) me and bob marley - and in new zealand it is also a public holiday commemorating the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi between the British Crown and the Maori...so anyway..."could you be loved, and be loved" :) a quote would be perfect from the other side of the world. and once i figure out how to send you images/moments for your blog i would love to!

i not sure how you will send quote - my blog address is http://christine-white.blogspot.com/

my email address is cwhite_nz@hotmail.com or you can post on your site - i don't mind

(I'm still getting used to the wonders of the blog capabilities)


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