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. the grand canal in venice

. abandoned mine in the czech republic . . I do like taking photo's of windows & glass....for me they are lenses or surfaces of above are a couple of images of glass that has broken leaving a new view intact....

. two new images by my good friend Natalia Borissova, taken in the last day or so....
. last night & early this morning I had a good look at some of the photo's on some new facebook pals pages....I know lots of people are critical of sites like facebook but it is rather pleasing to be able to see peoples photographs this way - after all, they aren't 'art' hung on gallery walls, but simply images that people took & liked & wanted to share with thier, below are just a few nice finds....

. by Julia Holter
. by Hannah Elizabeth Bagshaw
. by Anita Sinclair
. by Carol Diaz

. Pheobe's feet on one of the bike (!) runs at Dalby Forest + a small ice slug on the same run :, )

. from Alice Beasley: 'Mabel just said 'Shall I take a photo of you with my eye?' I said 'okay!' Mabel: 'hang on. it's taking a while to load up..' :) '

....fantastic, totally & utterly fantastic ! this did also bring to my mind the things have changed....when I was a nipper when we took photo's with our eyes we would say 'hang on, I have to wind the film on' hehe !

. Esther Venrooy: 'Home made klepon! it is an indonesian dish, my great-grand mother "oma boejoet" used to make...'

. this is a great photo of my friend Jobina Tinnemans playing a vintage Arp 2500 synthesizer....
. listenings today have been:

. the stillness in the early morning
. a wrapper unfolding slowly in the bin
. Mary Margaret O Hara - 'Miss America' cd
. Makiko Nishikaze - 'piano opera'
. a selection of recording made by myself that I am using on a collaborative piece

. a bird drawn by Alice Beasley....

. I really like this photo by my new facebook pal Erika....

. and I saw this one of shoes on Erika's page too, taken by her friend Rebecca Vandevoort who also had the picture on the right on her page. It's a ninja on a unicorn !....

. and some very nice images from Victoria Jenkins too - made me smile at the same time as feel rather hungry....(click on them for a bigger view)
. I found this photograph (taken about three years ago now) while looking through some files transfered just in time from my old laptop....i'd forgotten about it, so it was something of a pleasant suprise....

. I like ground lights....they always suprise me & are like discoveies that people pass by without considering.
. last night me & Pheobe snook quiety up to Alice & Mabel's font door to pop the boxes containing their suprise badges through the was a tight squeeze indeed, but eventually they went through....this morning reports of smiles & stuff came; Alice: Mabel liked the badge best of all. She was going to wear it at nursery to show her friends, but then decided to save it somewhere secret till she came home. She loved the box too. It fascinated her. x me: hehehehe....I made them last night while Pheobe was doing her homework but also helping by pressing badge maker buttons & telling me where to put writing, berries etc & choosing the …
. ah....home made oat biscuits with chocolate drops, helping Pheobe with various bits of her 4 (!!!!) homeworks, making something nice for 2 lovely people and taking photographs of some of the bits of paper & plastic left over from that....a lovely evening indeed....


. today, my ears were tickled by:
. the cocteau twins - 'milk and honey' (on tape - in the car)
. taxi taxi - 'still standing at your back door' cd
. v/a - '14 girls life' cd
. 'improvised music from Japan 2009 edition' 3cd set
. Michelle Makarski - 'caoine' (solo violin works by Bach, Biber, Reger, Rochberg & Hartke) cd . Sveinsson - 'time & water' (oratario) 2cd set
. Rickie Lee Jones - various tracks (on tape in car)


. the last couple of days have been dotted with new discoveries of interesting images & folks on are some of th…
. a special post today for the lovely Alice:

klemmer / Je t'embrasse / kucak dolusu sevgiler / umarmen / knuddel / omhelsen / Un beso y un abrazo / Hibukim oo-neshikot / gale lagnaa / σφίγγω στην αγκαλιά μου / 抱き締める / mga yakap / gakos / Kallistan ja suudlen / Обнимаю, целую / objeti..........or to put it another way; a hug as big as the world for you Alice !

picture: it was a tight squeeze Alice but I hope they survived the tiddly letterbox :. )
fern dalby fern

against deep snow
against deep, choral snow

pines dalby pines

with sectioned snow
with sectioned, scented snow

- JrF february 2010
. this chalkboard was my mum's & it's still here in the kitchen with the faint traces of the message she wrote on it following a trip we took to York to see Elgar's Cello concerto....I have looked at this often & wanted the writing not to fade anymore, but I know it does & that there isn't anything I can do to stop that....accepting that & knowing that the words will remain in me, safe with memories of the concert itself, shared with my mum is the message now & brings a joy as strong as that which was in my mum's heart as she placed the chalk on the surface & began to write....

. me & Pheobe have this notebook that we have filled with drawings of odd little creatures & other things over the years....

. you know I can't actually remember where I got this vase from....probably a second hand shop for about £2, but I like it....the colour & the shape....

. the discovery of the japanese nature of the spoons yesterday prompted me to …
. when I ask Pheobe in the morning if she would like some cereals her reply is 'yes pleeeease' - said in a way that sounds like it's a suprising treat - I love it ! Pheobe also asked me where I got the spoons from that we were using & I told her that they were Nana's (my mum)'s really good cutlery that has lasted a long time....I had a look to see where they were made & to my suprise it was in Japan !

. yesterday, while we were in Dalby forest we saw a small indentation in the deep snow & a thin wall of snow along one side of it illuminated by the Pheobe took a photo, then this morning I took one of the snow on my windscreen & they look nice side by side I think.... . as i've mentioned before, I do like books....I like the paper, the way they sit in the hand or the lap, the feel of them & I like to explore to find overlooked treasures tucked away in dusty junkshops or secondhand shops....these were two books I found whe…
. me & Pheobe had a wonderful day out....first we went to dalby forest, cycled along paths & took some nice photo's like these above + we saw a crane ! it flew right past our windscreen....we also made a few grape trees of course....then we went on to Scarborough for tea & more photo's....we had lots of happy moments today....making silly voices up, hiccups, memories of elephants in the mist....ah....wonderful....

. Sofia (Brazil) has added a few more 2mp photo's (like these examples above) to her 2mp blog (click here)....tonight she told me: my brother and I bought one of those childrens swimming pools, its just getting hotter and hotter here. So we bought the swimming pool just to stay all day in the water. Its a small one, 1000L but at least we can make the best of this terrible heat so, i'm going to the swimming pool. we'll talk later.
. I picked Pheobe up from town as she had been on a cinema & look round the shops trip with two of her friends....we discovered these micro eggs - like the mini-eggs but tiny !....when I dropped her off at her house I got out of the car first & put on the central locking with Pheobe still in the car....she looked at me & then grabbed the steering wheel & pretended to drive the car - tilting from side to side as she turned the wheel & smiling a huge cheeky smile....fantastic !

, sometimes, at certain moments in the day, I feel it is a 'day of....' - perhaps a day of flowers or a day of sleep or a day of books or field recordings is a day of flowers so far (12.09pm - afternoon)....I like the word & the time of day 'dusk'....
. above are some photos taken by my dear, dear friend Alice....a message conversation between myself & Alice Beasley regarding her daughter Mabel:

me: what did you & mabel have for breakfast today ?
Alice: erm.…
. I haven't taken any photo's today so I looked in some folders on the laptop to see if there was a nice picture to put on todays post & I found some that Pheobe took when we were at Mappleton a couple of weeks ago....
. today has been a day of wondering, feeling a bit tired, worrying if I could make it outside to go to the concert & actually doing it....I spoke to Pheobe on the phone several times because she had some questions for me & I think she might come to stay over tomorrow night :) ....on saturday we will go to York for the day !
. 'I'm a bundle' said Pheobe when she woke up & wrapped the duvet around her. She also told me that her favourite word at the moment is Kerfuffle ! Later we spent the day working on her arts award project & taking photo's....the top row are Pheobe's, the bottom row are mine....
. Pheobe had to make a Barbara Kruger style picture for her art homework (!) & this is what she did - the message is so true....

. my very good friend Alice Beasley drew this....the orange hue is down to the photo being taken on a phone !

. Natalia Borissova (a very nice person indeed) turned her digital slr into a pin hole camera & produced these interesting results....I look forward to exploring Berlin with her later in the year....

. Vic & Ewan found this sad looking sweep on a market & rescued it !