. collected Pheobe from school & she tells me she is feeling really happy....we hum, dance & sing around the kitchen while making risotto....on the way to her dance class Pheobe takes more wonderful photographs of lights.

not to disturb the branch
that sits there in the snow

not to scratch at the leaf
frozen under the ice

not to slip fingers cold
or swallow back the clouded breath

but to take hold
for warmth and home

. December 2009 photographs thought lost magically re-appear on the camera memory cards


. Katherine Howell says: I'm doing engraving art....you use a metal tool to reveal foil....i'm doing a tiger....glittery fingers

. Sofia (Brazil) says: I have to fix my curtain....I got home & it was on the floor....when I took this photo I was laid down, and I had to close the window 'cause it was raining....but the light coming through the courtain was so nice....so I didnt do anything.. just laid there, contemplating it.


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