christmas season moments

. a trip to cambridge with Pheobe resulted in the beautiful happiness of taking strange photographs of snow, ice, berries & shaking lights

. me & Pheobe made some small xmas badges - with little fat bird drawings on them

. there are some freesias in a small handmade vase on the mantlepiece. The vase I bought for my mum years ago & the freesias I bought on her birthday in December. The freesias are no longer fresh, they are at the stage where most people would throw them away....but they are still beautiful. The white petals are becoming like paper.

. me & Pheobe bought ourselves a book in Cambridge, from Kettle's Yard. Pheobe wrapped it up and we put it under the xmas tree 'to us from us' style. It's a childrens Japanese drawing book & we can't read a word of it.

. during December I have met and got to know better lots of new people all over the world. There have been moments in the conversations that have been like small revelations. From Brazil to Wales and New York to Rhode Island to Sweden to Halifax, there have been hundreds of warm and happy words.

. 1st of January 2010 & I have put up the calendar me & Pheobe had made, with photographs of Pheobe on the various days out & holidays we've been on this year. Every day I will look at it & feel happy.


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