. this afternoon I explored some of the old photographs and books I collected on my travels last year....the life of a women from her nursery to tasting the cake batter on the balcony of her first married home....the travel images of an unknown person with an eye for the off the beaten track places....the designs for negative envelopes from belgium....the glories of Kodak's bonus photo prints....the ironwork of a table maker somewhere long ago....the shape of a car with the snow falling and a bright, czech bird fronted book....

. Sophia (Brazil) says: a vegetarian restaurant I go sometimes....i liked the light in the window.


Christine White said…
kia ora jez from new zealand...i found this treasure from your other blog...lovely for me to find to help me remember the small treasures around us...wonderful to be reminded of this from the other side of the world thanks to both you and phoebe
thanks christine, do send in any moments of your own you find & i'll post them up on here ! take care. j.

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