. snoopy car air freshener & the marvelous time one can have with a toy piano. On the drive home from school me & Pheobe spotted a purple version of the car I drive & thought it looked like a blackcurrent (ribena style), therefore making my blue car a blueberry ! This led to Pheobe trying to explain how good it would be for a car to be in the shape of something that she couldn't remember the name of....'it falls off a tree & has a little hat on' she said....an acorn ! apparently the aeriel could be the stalk on top too.

. Alice Beasley, Ian Clearly & probably a lot more people agree that cardigans are wearable hugs.

. Sarah Riley's facebook status says she: 'loves inwards and outwards'

. Joanne Bass says: 'I like it when I start a painting and my brush can't keep up with all the ideas in my head'


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