. this tiny fabric heart pillow was made for me by Pheobe for christmas & it is now on the switch for the light up the stairs to my bedroom. So I see it every night when it too lights my way and again in the morning when it greets me....we like grapes & there is something joyfull about finding ones that are extra nice and juicy....

. we made Pizza's for our tea....so much nicer than ready made ones....so much more fun too.

. there's a little button on the camera me & Pheobe take photo's with a lot....when we press it we can make magical pictures that turn an oft travelled car journey to & from school a visual adventure.

. you know somedays I get on with things & play one cd after another & somehow it gives me a sense of relaxation even when busy....and of having a rich, rich diet of music to wander through, in & around....today's walk through the musical dales has so far been quite song based with a liberal dash of some things I haven't played for quite a while & involved: Elizabeth Fraser, Billie Holiday, Karen Dalton, Patience & Prudence, motets by Dunstable, Gesualdo, bang on a can playing Eno's 'music for airports', Iva Bittova, Cindytalk, Hugo Largo, Hanna Hukkelberg....I wonder what's next ?


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