. a walk to the shops looking for something for tea but somehow came back empty handed so will use the plentiful provisions stored up here at home....I just put onto my MP3 player all the solo tracks by Elizabeth Fraser that I have & the feeling that runs through me when I listen to these is a very simple but deeply pleasurable one....I spot a couple of things on the ground & one in the air....the first picture is the time / temperature digital display on the local council office....the second is a better veiw of a piglet soft toy that must have fallen out of a car into the road and been squashed....and the third is a post-it note stuck to the ground with the rain....

. my friend Natalia Borissova sent me this picture of some 'cooking' she did earlier today by accident ! the result make some nice shapes.


Peter Doyle said…
Dear Jez...your blogs are as fabulous as your music
kind regards
worryface Tasmania
thanks Peter ! do feel free to submit any moments you come across in your daily life.

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