. also in my living room are 3 pictures painted by Pheobe when she was younger....they give me pleasure everyday....the first one was created when she was 4 I think, the second most recently & is a monotype print & the third was when she was 6....beautiful.

. I have some picture frames above my settee containing most of the polaroids I took several summers ago in the garden at my home....they remind me of the feeling of being there when it was still full of flowers that my mum had planted & taken care of....one day I will be a better gardener I hope.

. my totoro eating set & enamel badges....my neighbour totoro is a simple joy.

. last night: discussions of hamster drawings & models, string trios & musical exotica, star trails and the sounds of fences with Lisa Dolman (who did the drawing above when she was a nipper).


Anonymous said…
Yaaaayyyyy Totoro!!!!

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