. well, a new hard drive in the old pc laptop & just putting some photos back on it & this one jumped out at me. It was taken at the same time as the one of grapes against the green wall. This time it's Pheobe's shadow as she holds the grapes.

. a tea of good old British fish & chips & while waiting for our skinned fish to be fried me & Pheobe take some photo's.

. back in the summer me & Pheobe went for a few days away close to Pately Bridge....we went to 'the oldest sweet shop in England' & bought a few things including some peanut brittle. I have to say that the bag of brittle has been on the dashboard of my car ever since & when I came to remove it I found it had melted & now covered the indented tray with stickyness. For a minute I sat there thinking 'how can I get this off easily' & then it came to me....this pile of peanuts coated in melted toffee is unique. No one else has this in thier car. It is is quite beautiful once you stop seeing it as 'mess' & see its shapes and colours.


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