. me & Pheobe camped out in the living room last night & watched a film....the morning is greeted by Pheobe squeeking & saying in her sleep 'you have to try'....she'd been dreaming about a game of catch involving a frisbee & a ball.

. Cornflakes for breakfast & I lift my first spoonful to my mouth & blow on it to cool it down....duh.

. at Mappleton beach the first pebble Pheobe picked up was this one (in the montage of our time on the beach today above), with a tiny fossil imprint on the side....searching for nice pebbles is always a very good thing to do.

. walking past one of the least attractive buildings in Beverley we notice that the bottom stones have been affected by rain water & dampness & have these nice patterns on....a whole long row of them, all with different variations of course....and we found a 'button that is off' as Pheobe used to call them when she decided to collect them....oh & a plastic thing in the wall that looks strange and nice in this photo.


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