. woke up to find the northern rain falling in good style....Later, as I listened to Frank Martin's double mass & Pizzetti's messa di requiem, I looked up to see an occasional drip from the roof fall past the window....once two fell at almost the same time, one racing ahead a good couple of inches in front of the other....next experience of the ears will be a cd of music for Martha Graham by Dello Joio, prompted by a comment I made on a photo of my lovely friend Isolde Davey, stood as she was with her arms outstretched above her head, her back arched and her yellow dress giving her wings....'diversion of angels' should do nicely.

. late last night & early this morning I had a lovely chat with Lisa Dolman....laughed a lot (thanks) & talked about hidden places, tax (yes, it is possible to have a nice experience talking about tax), giant 6ft lp sleeves, tapes, music & the charms of having time....Lisa happens to have some great photo's of her childhood drawings on her facebook, like the one above....how wonderful it is to still have these things....I keep everything I can of Pheobe's & it really is treasure.

. Lisa also gave me some of the best comments for ages on the extracts of my compositions on myspace: 'is it weird that 'audible silence extract 2' is oddly comforting??' (answer is NO ! it's great) & ''april 2007' has the exact noise our main telly makes, that no one else can hear and they all think im mental.It's making me shake my head about trying to hone the sound, as one ear picks it up better than the other and then i wonder if im changing the sound with my ears or if its changing on the sound itself, i am interacting with it in a bizarre fashion'.

. Sarah Scott says: I have been trying to sneeze for nearly 48 hours god that feels good.



Kitty said…
Pleasure to make your acquaintance in the surreal world of the internet, I'm glad the comments on your soundscapes were helpful.
Hopefully speak again soon, and yes, all childhood fun should be kept as long as possible!!!

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