. further explorations of the JrF travel bundles (with a picture taken through one of the old negatives I have too)....last time I was in Vienna I also bought, from a junk shop, for no more than £5 several large boxes full of slides, all in fantastic 1960's & 70's colour....among the various ones of vacation trips I came across 4 boxes full of one woman's life from childhood to her marriage & then in her first home. It is quite something to view a part of a persons life like this, without knowing them at all....

. here is a memory of a lovely moment....me & Pheobe hired a tandem for the day when we were at Clumber Park & we saw this leaf suspended in the air by some invisible thread - perhaps a long, stray spider web strand....we both stopped & stared at it, smiling....

. Katherine Howell says: 'I'm gonna atempt to do a handstand against my wall on my bed'

. found this nice picture by Paul Firth via his facebook profile.


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