. finding the letter the Pheobe had sent to me from her New Year holiday on the doormat this morning. 2 pages, 3 drawings - wonderful ! Then after school Pheobe said 'did you see the small bits' & sure enough in the envelope where five tiny pieces of folded paper with nice messages on for me ! thank you Pheobe
. hearing that someone nice had left cakes in the porch of her friends who were out.
. Sarah Scott says: how you know it's been snowing when you wake up because there's very little sound from outside and what you can hear sounds muffled. Even the birds don't sing, it's just very, very quiet. I love when you wake up and hear that silence and you open the blinds and there's just white, it's very pretty! It coats all the dreary colours. But I want more so I can take a snow day and build a snowman !

Sofia (Brazil) says: on the way to the drugstore, a male & female bird. They were so comfortable.


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