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. further explorations of the JrF travel bundles (with a picture taken through one of the old negatives I have too)....last time I was in Vienna I also bought, from a junk shop, for no more than £5 several large boxes full of slides, all in fantastic 1960's & 70's colour....among the various ones of vacation trips I came across 4 boxes full of one woman's life from childhood to her marriage & then in her first home. It is quite something to view a part of a persons life like this, without knowing them at all....

. here is a memory of a lovely & Pheobe hired a tandem for the day when we were at Clumber Park & we saw this leaf suspended in the air by some invisible thread - perhaps a long, stray spider web strand....we both stopped & stared at it, smiling....
. Katherine Howell says: 'I'm gonna atempt to do a handstand against my wall on my bed'
. found this nice picture by Paul Firth via his facebook profile.
. a light snow has fallen overnight & settled on the ground....the sky is a pure pale blue & the light is amazing....the kitchen windowsill objects look especially illuminated....

. an afternoon trip to a local gallery to see some work created by my friend Alice for an exhibition as part of the childrens literature festival....and mainly to see Alice & her lovely daughter Mabel of course....upon arrival it was clear to see that there was a Cadbury's creme egg hiding behind both Mabel & Alice's ears, so I made them appear as if by magic (well, from up my jacket sleeve really....but don't tell Mabel !)....later Mabel gave me a nice small card square & I also took a picture of her last fizzy caterpillar in the box....above you can see, from left to right: card square / one of Alice's pieces / the last fizzy caterpiller in the box....
. this afternoon I explored some of the old photographs and books I collected on my travels last year....the life of a women from her nursery to tasting the cake batter on the balcony of her first married home....the travel images of an unknown person with an eye for the off the beaten track places....the designs for negative envelopes from belgium....the glories of Kodak's bonus photo prints....the ironwork of a table maker somewhere long ago....the shape of a car with the snow falling and a bright, czech bird fronted book....

. Sophia (Brazil) says: a vegetarian restaurant I go sometimes....i liked the light in the window.
. listening for the carrot van no doubt.


. facebook pal Cinder (of Cindytalk) took these photographs below of walls around the streets of Hong Kong, Osaka, Kobe & Tokyo.

(ps. as with all the photographs on this blog, click on them for a larger view).
. snoopy car air freshener & the marvelous time one can have with a toy piano. On the drive home from school me & Pheobe spotted a purple version of the car I drive & thought it looked like a blackcurrent (ribena style), therefore making my blue car a blueberry ! This led to Pheobe trying to explain how good it would be for a car to be in the shape of something that she couldn't remember the name of....'it falls off a tree & has a little hat on' she acorn ! apparently the aeriel could be the stalk on top too.

. Alice Beasley,Ian Clearly & probably a lot more people agree that cardigans are wearable hugs.

. Sarah Riley's facebook status says she: 'loves inwards and outwards'

. Joanne Bass says: 'I like it when I start a painting and my brush can't keep up with all the ideas in my head'
. this tiny fabric heart pillow was made for me by Pheobe for christmas & it is now on the switch for the light up the stairs to my bedroom. So I see it every night when it too lights my way and again in the morning when it greets me....we like grapes & there is something joyfull about finding ones that are extra nice and juicy....

. we made Pizza's for our much nicer than ready made much more fun too.

. there's a little button on the camera me & Pheobe take photo's with a lot....when we press it we can make magical pictures that turn an oft travelled car journey to & from school a visual adventure.

. you know somedays I get on with things & play one cd after another & somehow it gives me a sense of relaxation even when busy....and of having a rich, rich diet of music to wander through, in &'s walk through the musical dales has so far been quite song based with a liberal dash of some things I haven't pla…
. a walk to the shops looking for something for tea but somehow came back empty handed so will use the plentiful provisions stored up here at home....I just put onto my MP3 player all the solo tracks by Elizabeth Fraser that I have & the feeling that runs through me when I listen to these is a very simple but deeply pleasurable one....I spot a couple of things on the ground & one in the air....the first picture is the time / temperature digital display on the local council office....the second is a better veiw of a piglet soft toy that must have fallen out of a car into the road and been squashed....and the third is a post-it note stuck to the ground with the rain....

. my friend Natalia Borissova sent me this picture of some 'cooking' she did earlier today by accident ! the result make some nice shapes.
. steak & ale casserole with dumplings, baby pearl potatoes & carrots for tea & then angel delight with chocolate drops, cream, sprinkles & jelly orange & lemon sections....oh & long spoons to eat it & Pheobe spent a few minutes resisting it to take some photographs : . )
. me & Pheobe had some creative fun exploring the carpet & under the settee with the all started when we changing the spikes from Pheobe's running shoes as she had a run today....Pheobe made a circle with the ones we took out....later, Pheobe came 2nd which is amazing as she was running against girls in her year - year 8 & years 9, 10 & 11 too !

. sleepless in the early hours, I wander through these older photograph folders.
. Sofia (Brazil) made a nice stop frame animation & placed it on her vegan blog here.....Strawberries....yum

. Paul Firth says: 'grating cheese always brings a smile to my face' he sent me this photo.
. at school Pheobe saw a hole in the ceiling that looked like a mouse !

. one good thing that has come from my hard drive crashing on the laptop has been transfering files back onto the new hd from the external one & rediscovering photo's that I haven't looked at in awhile. I like these finding an old cassette or book that has been tucked away & enjoying it all over again & again & again & again....

. from Sofia, my friend in Brazil....what fun can be had with a pen & ones fingers !
. also in my living room are 3 pictures painted by Pheobe when she was younger....they give me pleasure everyday....the first one was created when she was 4 I think, the second most recently & is a monotype print & the third was when she was 6....beautiful.

. I have some picture frames above my settee containing most of the polaroids I took several summers ago in the garden at my home....they remind me of the feeling of being there when it was still full of flowers that my mum had planted & taken care day I will be a better gardener I hope.

. my totoro eating set & enamel neighbour totoro is a simple joy.

. last night: discussions of hamster drawings & models, string trios & musical exotica, star trails and the sounds of fences with Lisa Dolman (who did the drawing above when she was a nipper).
. well, a new hard drive in the old pc laptop & just putting some photos back on it & this one jumped out at me. It was taken at the same time as the one of grapes against the green wall. This time it's Pheobe's shadow as she holds the grapes.

. a tea of good old British fish & chips & while waiting for our skinned fish to be fried me & Pheobe take some photo's.

. back in the summer me & Pheobe went for a few days away close to Pately Bridge....we went to 'the oldest sweet shop in England' & bought a few things including some peanut brittle. I have to say that the bag of brittle has been on the dashboard of my car ever since & when I came to remove it I found it had melted & now covered the indented tray with stickyness. For a minute I sat there thinking 'how can I get this off easily' & then it came to me....this pile of peanuts coated in melted toffee is unique. No one else has this in thier car. It is is quite beauti…
. ahhhhh, back online....only one day missed so I'm posting this on Wednesday but it's about Tuesday....

. a day of rain gathering on steel and iron street furniture....of eating beans & sausage on normandy butter toast with Pheobe & of a late night walk....wanting to take photographs of windows, the illuminated curtains....& I did take a couple....
. well, this post is not exactly full of laptop crashed the other week & so I went back to using a really old one in the hope of getting the other one repaired & also ordered a new macbook pro....well both pc laptops now won't work & the mac is almost set up so there might be a small gap in posts for a couple of days....eek !

. this morning, I looked as always ahead & slightly to the right from my bed at a small picture frame....the refelction of the daylight that peeps in around the edge of my bedroom curtains was making it's bright rectangle in the glass.
. me & Pheobe camped out in the living room last night & watched a film....the morning is greeted by Pheobe squeeking & saying in her sleep 'you have to try'....she'd been dreaming about a game of catch involving a frisbee & a ball.

. Cornflakes for breakfast & I lift my first spoonful to my mouth & blow on it to cool it down....duh.

. at Mappleton beach the first pebble Pheobe picked up was this one (in the montage of our time on the beach today above), with a tiny fossil imprint on the side....searching for nice pebbles is always a very good thing to do.

. walking past one of the least attractive buildings in Beverley we notice that the bottom stones have been affected by rain water & dampness & have these nice patterns on....a whole long row of them, all with different variations of course....and we found a 'button that is off' as Pheobe used to call them when she decided to collect them....oh & a plastic thing in the wall that l…
. woke up to find the northern rain falling in good style....Later, as I listened to Frank Martin's double mass & Pizzetti's messa di requiem, I looked up to see an occasional drip from the roof fall past the window....once two fell at almost the same time, one racing ahead a good couple of inches in front of the experience of the ears will be a cd of music for Martha Graham by Dello Joio, prompted by a comment I made on a photo of my lovely friend Isolde Davey, stood as she was with her arms outstretched above her head, her back arched and her yellow dress giving her wings....'diversion of angels' should do nicely.

. late last night & early this morning I had a lovely chat with Lisa Dolman....laughed a lot (thanks) & talked about hidden places, tax (yes, it is possible to have a nice experience talking about tax), giant 6ft lp sleeves, tapes, music & the charms of having time....Lisa happens to have some great photo's of her childhood …
. another of Pheobe's fantastic is so inspiring to create and explore together

. have been listening, after an appropriate period of time has elapsed, to the recording of an afternoon long performance in Holy Trinity Church by myself, Patrick Farmer, Sarah Hughes, Rachel Dean & Shayla Reynolds & it is rather joyful to hear the sound of the building itself playing an equal role, which was the intention....really must do more events in there....

. walk in brightness, it's a new day....a new day a new day....(Mary Margaret O'Hara - 'A new day')

Lisa Dolman says: modelled on the great Bunyip, our visiting rabbit friend who frequents our garden daily :D a hidden, bunny-shaped, treasure!
. the way these tasty red grapes looked against the green wall

. Pheobe has been doing her homework each night & said today that things are much easier if you try to be true.

. it's nice how when most of the snow has melted, you still see big blobs of it....where it has been piled up or perhaps the remains of a snowman. .
. Alice Beasley says: raspberry's instead of good night kisses tonight, from Mabel. Apparently they are christmas kisses, because she still has some left.

. Sofia says: a peek at the end of civilisation : )
. a plastic fizzy water bottle pops beside the fire at the same time as I blow a raspberry at Pheobe (who also took the photo above)

. Alice Beasley says: Mabel's morning itinerary: so far... Mum woken up and made captain of her boat bed. Fishing over the edge for crab, two silver fish and B boot to cook on our BBQ. Food cooked, boot thrown back. Proper breakfast eaten, bread and butter with half jam, half marmalade, and slice of melon. Bath now to catch more fish..obviously.

.Katherine Howell's photograph of the snow in Tongwynlais, South Wales (above)
. collected Pheobe from school & she tells me she is feeling really happy....we hum, dance & sing around the kitchen while making risotto....on the way to her dance class Pheobe takes more wonderful photographs of lights.

not to disturb the branch
that sits there in the snow

not to scratch at the leaf
frozen under the ice

not to slip fingers cold
or swallow back the clouded breath

but to take hold
for warmth and home

. December 2009 photographs thought lost magically re-appear on the camera memory cards


. Katherine Howell says: I'm doing engraving use a metal tool to reveal foil....i'm doing a tiger....glittery fingers

. Sofia (Brazil) says: I have to fix my curtain....I got home & it was on the floor....when I took this photo I was laid down, and I had to close the window 'cause it was raining....but the light coming through the courtain was so I didnt do anything.. just laid there, contemplating it.
. today the snow is laying on the ground in smooth or slushy patches, the rain last night has washed holes in it

. further photographic discoveries from the steam powered vaults of this old laptop