daybook imagery 

nano s. - gentramadaya (extract) meredith monk / collin walcott - unison situations sonores ’76 - métamophoses alice coltrane - yamuna tira vihari takahisa yamagata - the night watch in midwinter (1976) nadia boulanger / ensemble vocal - a déclarer mon affection carmen villain - i trust you popol vuh - in das garten pharaos apologist - carte blanche fatan kanaan - someone as quiet palawan highlands musician - zither solo pelégongan of kuta - gonténg pengawak solo
Bauhaus mädels

constructing narrative
                        weaves - architectures
                        reasonable (more than) to say
                        a book as object as wasted opportunity
                        as a less heavy stamp, perhaps
                        a light removal of
                                                     dust (a layer at least)
                        still a splinter
                                   still a place imposed 

what an odd book this is, though taschenist so no surprise perhaps. 87 women of the bauhaus - a much needed chance to redress the balance, to offer some correction to the history, to counter the impositions throughout their lives - for their work at least, for their contributions. 
                                           yet, no work is included. instead we see the women themselves - visible - but as visual elements in the history; to be looked at, their work not given even equal visibility, not given any. 

though it is fascin…